What is Lakdi Ka pool in Hyderabad? Why this interesting Name

Lakdi Ka pool

Lakdi Ka pool: Lakdikapul is a famous suburb in Hyderabad. Why did it get this name? It is called Wooden Bridge. It is said that during the time of Nizam, there used to be a wooden bridge in this area. People used to cross the railway line by using it. The bridge is no longer there, but the name has become quite famous. To honor this name, Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has built a wooden statue here. This area, which comes under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, is quite good.

The area here is an ideal residential area filled with gated communities and independent houses, which are close to the metro, TSRTC buses and railway stations. Residents here enjoy great connectivity.

Why this interesting Name

It is an ideal residential area dotted with gated communities and independent houses, which are bustling with activity. Residents of this place enjoy good connectivity due to the metro, TSRTC buses and railway stations. Lakdikapul is also home to the Telangana State Archaeological Museum, which has a huge lawn, park and lake outside. Additionally, there are several government headquarters near NH 65, such as the State Legislative Assembly of Telangana, Telangana State Police Headquarters, Telangana Raithu Bandhu Samithi, Collectorate of RR District and MIDH Telangana Horticulture Department.

Additionally, Nampally Railway Station, which is the main railway station of Hyderabad, is located just 1.5 km from Lakdikapul.

The area has retained its historical significance in the form of majestic buildings, which are now converted into government offices, colleges and museums.

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What is Lakdi Ka pool in Hyderabad?

Lakdikapul, being one of the oldest suburbs of Hyderabad, is well connected to the important IT hubs of Hyderabad via metro and buses. Many government offices are also located here. Hence, finding a home here is one of the top priorities of working professionals. It also has a huge park, shopping units, schools, colleges, 24/7 water and electricity supply, restaurants and hotels. You will also find many places of worship here including temples, mosques and churches. Despite the movement of important officials, Lakdikapul guarantees a peaceful residential life.

What is not good about Lakdikapul

Lakdikapul is a safe and well-connected residential area. But there are some drawbacks of living in this developed society. The biggest problem people face here is the traffic and the constant sound of horns. Due to the high number of cars and lorries, sometimes the traffic becomes uncontrolled here.

But there are more metro and other public transport options available here. If you want to avoid traffic and reach quickly, you can always choose these options.

Physical Infrastructure and Liveability Index

Several major highways pass across Lakdikapul. Some of the important roads include NH 65 (Mumbai Highway), Dargah Road, NH 163 and Inner Ring Road. Similarly, the internal roads connecting the residential areas also have proper routes. Lakdikapul is rated highly by its residents for road and rail connectivity. Although the traffic is high during peak hours, the wide roads reduce it to some extent.

According to the Indian Environment Portal, Hyderabad has a liveability index of 26.4. This score also includes the area of ​​Lakdikapul. This is an indication of the excellence of the physical and social infrastructure in this area.

Social Infrastructure in Lakdikapul

In Lakdikapul, the social infrastructure is optimal, eliminating the need for residents to travel far for their needs.

Nearby Schools

This area boasts several popular educational institutions.

  • Government ICSE
  • St. Mark Model High School
  • Alpha Spoken English and IELTS Institute
  • St. Annie College for Women


Lakdikapul is renowned for its breakfast options. Here, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and flavors.

  • Shah Ghouse Restaurant
  • Babai Express
  • Shahji Ka Dhaba
  • Pote Bade Miyan Kabab
  • Ganga Jamuna Khan-e-Khas


Health Centers

  • Shri Sanskriti Ayurveda Multi-specialty Clinic and Panchkarma Center
  • Carewell Hospital
  • Take Me Hospital
  • Gleneagles Global Hospitals
  • Healthwin Hospital and Fertility Center

Shopping Malls and Markets

  • Greet Avenue
  • JDS Supermarket
  • Reliance Fresh
  • Kalmuri Shopping
  • R5 Signature Mall


  • State Bank of India (outside RR Collectorate)
  • Bank of India
  • State Bank of Baddowda
  • Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank Limited
  • Bank of Maharashtra


The nearest airport to Lakdikapul is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad, Hyderabad. It is located 28.6 km away from Lakdikapul.


There is a metro station in Lakdikapul on the Red Line of Hyderabad Metro. This is the longest metro route in Hyderabad, running between Miyapur and LB Nagar.

Bus Terminal

Lakdikapul has a bus depot from where you can take buses to other parts of Hyderabad. There are bus stops here where TSRTC buses halt.

Nearby Railway Station

The nearest railway station to Lakdikapul is Namapally Railway Station, which is Hyderabad’s central railway station. It is only 1.2 km away from Lakdikapul and is also known as Deccan Railway Station, being Telangana’s busiest station.

Surrounding Parks

Lakdikapul has large parks and community areas for strolling and exercising. Some well-maintained parks include:

  • Lakdikapul Nahid Park
  • GMHC Park
  • Namapally Park

Popular Roads in Lakdikapul

There are four important roads from Lakdikapul. They are NH 65, NH 163, Inner Ring Road and Mehdipatnam – Banjara Hills Road.

NH 65 is also known as Mumbai Highway which passes through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It passes through Lakdikapul and connects to another major highway NH 163. NH 163 connects two different cities of Telangana and Chhattisgarh.

The Inner Ring Road connecting the interiors of Hyderabad reduces the vehicular traffic in and out of the city. This 50 km long road passes through Lakdikapul and connects the nearby areas.

Red Hills Road – This small road connects Lakdikapul to its adjacent area Red Hills.

In Telangana, how do people rate the Lakdi Ka Pul?

People in Telangana favor Lakdi Ka Pul for its history, culture, and its bustling community. They appreciate its location amidst the city, yet with its own energy and pace. They also value its convenience for easy travel to other parts of the city and state.

They like the affordability of this area and its suitability for people from all walks of life. Those who frequently travel by train often prefer Lakdi Ka Pul because they can reach the railway station within minutes.


The most famous area of ​​Hyderabad is Lakdi Ka Pul, where you get to enjoy every facility, today we have talked about Lakdi Ka Pul. After which you must have liked the information about this place, which now you have the opportunity to share with your people.

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