Interesting Things to Know About Band Stand Bandra Mumbai

Band Stand Mumbai

Band Stand Mumbai: Have you ever thought how exciting it is to stroll on the seashore, enjoy the cool breeze, and watch the sunset. And besides this, how would it be to see your favorite Bollywood star. If yes, then Mumbai’s Bandstand Promenade can be the best place for this. In today’s article, we are going to give information about Mumbai’s most famous place Bandstand Promenade.

This place is one of the popular and sightseeing places of Mumbai. Which attracts millions of people every day. Now whether you are going on a romantic date or for a family outing, this place is perfect.

Band Stand Promenade which is also known as Bandra Bandstand. Which is in the west of Bandra. There is a 1.2 km long walkway on the Pakshachami beach in Mumbai city. Which is popular because of the hangout spots, a jogging track and a park. There is an amphitheater towards the Land’s End side of the promenade. People come to visit this place. Because of which this area is the most famous of Mumbai.

History of the Band stand

The history of Band Stand Promenade is as fascinating as the sea. It started around the 16th century. At that time it was mainly a fishing village named Bandora. It was ruled by the Portuguese in 1739. At that time the Portuguese built a fort on the hill in this village. Which is currently known as Bandra Fort.
The fort was often used as a surveillance and as a water reservoir for ships. The Portuguese also built many churches in this area. These churches are still there which attract tourists.
Bandra became a part of British India in the 19th century. After which it developed as a fashionable residential area. In which many bungalows and villas were built on the seashore.

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Attractions and Activities on the Bandstand Mumbai

This place in Mumbai is for people of all ages. People from couples to elderly come here. Below you are told about some such sights.

Band Stand Amphitheatre:-
This is an open amphitheater. In which 2000 people can sit together. It is mostly used during concerts, dramas, festivals.
Band Stand Walk of Stars:-
Thousands of people come to this place every day to walk. Which has been a part of the promenade, in which you can see the handprints of Bollywood celebrities. Which was launched in the year 2012 by UTV Stars as Indian Film Industry.
Band Stand Graffiti Wall:-
The most special place in the area where graffiti made by artists can be seen on the walls.
Sea View:-
You must come to Bandstand to see the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. Where you will be mesmerized by the waves hitting the rocks.

You can see boats sailing far away and birds flying in the sky. Apart from this, you can also see the evening view of Mumbai.
Sunset Point:-
This is a place where you can see the view of the sky and the sea during sunset. This place is one of the romantic places in Mumbai. People come here to spend some special moments with their partner. Most of the people come here for a date because the evening view is worth seeing. Apart from this, you can also shop for some of the items sold here.
Celebrity Spotting:-
This area is considered to be the home of Bollywood stars. You can see their houses from here. Like you can see Shahrukh’s house, Salman’s house etc. by sitting on the seashore. Apart from this, you can also be lucky. If they come here, you can see them.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy walking, jogging, cycling, skating, Band Stand Promenade exercise etc. here. Apart from this, you can enjoy the fresh air here. Apart from this, you can also be a part of Bandra Cycle Ride. Which is organized every Sunday.
Apart from this, you can enjoy this place with your family, friends, partner. Where you can enjoy picnic, photography, relaxation. Apart from this, there is a different fun in bringing food from home and eating here. You can take photos of the sea, sky, fort and stars.
This place is perfect for celebrating, partying, dancing etc. with your loved ones. Apart from this, you can be a part of the crowd during the festival.

Places To Visit Near Bandstand

Band Stand Mumbai
Band Stand Mumbai

If you also want to see some special places of Mumbai, then you can explore the places around Band Stand.

Carter Road:-
This is a popular promenade of Mumbai, which runs along the Band Stand Promenade. It is about 1.5 km long. Where there are many food shops. Apart from this, you can also see the house of Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Ranbir Kapoor here.

Pali Hill:-
This area is hilly. Which is known for its greenery and peace. This is the most expensive residential place in Mumbai. Where you get to see bungalows of famous celebrities.
Like Mannat Annex (Shahrukh Khan), Pali Hill Bungalow (Sanjay Dutt) and Krishna Cottage (Dharmendra).

Linking Road:-
This place is called one of the most famous shopping streets of Mumbai. Where you get branded clothes and accessories. Apart from this, goods are also available at cheap prices. This place is also good for food lovers. Where you get to see dishes from all over the world.

Pahadi Rasta: –
It is known for shopping and street food and flea market. At this place you can enjoy vada pav, pav bhaji, chaat, dosa and kulfi. Apart from this, you can buy clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and souvenirs at cheap prices.

Worli Sea Face: –
This is a 4 km long promenade connecting Bandra to Worli. You get a chance to see a spectacular view. This place is known for jogging, cycling, skating and kite flying.

Where to Stay near Band stand.

Are you also looking for a place to stay near the Band Stand, then you can stay in some top hotels.

Taj Land Hotel:-
This is a 5 star hotel of this place. From where you can see the view of the whole city. It has 493 rooms and 4 restaurants and bars and a spa, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a business center. This hotel is located at a distance of 1.2 km from the bandstand.

Rami Guestline Hotel:-
This hotel is 4 star. Which is very good in terms of comfort and convenience. It has 33 rooms, 2 restaurants and bars, a spa, a fitness center, a swimming pool. Its distance from the bandstand is just 1.4 km.

Hotel Metro Palace:-
This is a 3 star hotel, where you get a chance to absorb simplicity and fresh air. It has 70 rooms. And 2 restaurants and bars are also built. It is located at a distance of 2.2km from Bandstand.

Where to Eat near Band stand

Talking about food, you get to see dishes from all over the world at this place. You can enjoy famous dishes at this place. Which is the famous fast food of Mumbai. You can enjoy good fast food by visiting locations like Namkeen Pani Cafe, Candies, Cafe Basilico, etc.

Apart from this, the Pali Village Cafe here reminds you of villages. It serves European and Asian cuisine. People like it because of its brunch menu, salads, soups, starters, mains and desserts. It is also a good place to buy wine. It offers you wine from all over the world. This cafe is 2 km away from Bandstanden.


We hope you liked this article. And it must have proved useful for you. Because this area of ​​Mumbai is very famous. Where lakhs of people come to visit daily. And enjoy the fast food here. The picturesque evening here is worth seeing. Due to which the city residents come to this place in the evening. The view of the sea is worth seeing.

People come here every evening to enjoy this place with their partner, family. It is quite worth seeing. You may be lucky to see the view of nature in the evening. It is a very good place.

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