Best Quotes On Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna Quotes

Lord krishna Quotes : Lord Shri Krishna, born as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, gave the Bhagavad Gita to Arjun on the battlefield of Mahabharata. When the great warrior Arjuna was hesitant to fight his family members. Lord Shri Krishna represents love and wisdom, and his teachings are written in 700 verses of India’s great scripture Bhagavad Gita.

It gives the message of fulfilling one’s duty without worrying about any result. Apart from this, it tells many more wise sayings of Shri Krishna. Here are some quotes about life and love as well as one’s duty, which even today fulfill every human. Today we have made a list to know the knowledgeable things of Lord Shri Krishna. In such a situation, you have to read it completely, only then you can earn a good life.

Lord Krishna Quotes

Lord Krishna Quotes
Lord Krishna Quotes
  • “Krishna’s love is the ultimate bliss.”
  • “Lord Krishna is the eternal friend and guide.”
  • “Surrender to Krishna, and all worries vanish.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom illuminates the path of life.”
  • “In Krishna’s presence, the heart finds true joy.”
  • “Every moment is perfect with Krishna’s grace.”
  • “Let Krishna’s flute guide you to tranquility.”
  • “Krishna is the melody of life and the rhythm of love.”
  • “With Krishna in your heart, life is a celebration.”
  • “Krishna’s smile dispels all sorrows.”
  • “Krishna’s words are the ultimate truth.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find eternal peace.”
  • “Let Krishna’s wisdom be your guiding light.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a boundless ocean.”
  • “Follow Krishna’s path to attain enlightenment.”
  • Krishna’s blessings are the greatest wealth.”
  • “The heart’s true fulfillment lies in Krishna’s love.”
  • “Embrace Krishna’s love and let go of fear.”
  • “Krishna’s presence is the essence of joy and peace.”

Best Quotes on Lord Krishna Love

Best Quotes on Lord Krishna Love
  • “Krishna’s love transcends time and space.”
  • “Embrace Krishna’s love, and all sorrows dissolve.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, the soul finds its true home.”
  • “The essence of life is found in Krishna’s love.”
  • “Surrender to Krishna’s love and find eternal peace.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a beacon of light in the darkest times.”
  • “In every moment, feel the warmth of Krishna’s love.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the sweetest melody of the heart.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, every soul finds its purpose.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the guiding star in life’s journey.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the eternal flame that never fades.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find your true self and inner peace.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the divine nectar that nourishes the soul.”
  • “Let Krishna’s love fill your heart and illuminate your life.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, we find the true meaning of life.”
  • “Through Krishna’s love, every heart is transformed.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a blessing that never ceases.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find the courage to face life’s challenges.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a constant, unwavering force.”
  • “To love Krishna is to understand the true nature of love.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the sweet nectar of divine bliss.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the shelter in the storm of life.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find the strength to overcome all obstacles.”

Positive Krishna Quotes on Life

Positive Krishna Quotes on Life
Positive Krishna Quotes on Life
  • In Krishna’s wisdom, find the path to a fulfilling life.”
  • “Krishna teaches us to embrace life with love and joy.”
  • “Krishna’s words inspire us to live a life of compassion and kindness.”
  • “In the light of Krishna’s love, every moment is beautiful.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the guiding star in the journey of life.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings help us navigate life’s challenges with grace.”
  • “Find strength and courage in the teachings of Lord Krishna.”
  • “Krishna’s blessings turn life’s hardships into blessings.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings remind us to live with love and gratitude.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find the peace and happiness you seek.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom teaches us to embrace life’s ups and downs.”
  • “Krishna’s presence makes life’s journey a divine adventure.”
  • “Krishna’s love inspires us to live with kindness and compassion.”
  • “With Krishna’s grace, life becomes a symphony of joy.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings encourage us to live with integrity and honor.”
  • “Life’s challenges are easier to face with Krishna’s guidance.”
  • “Krishna’s love gives life its true meaning and purpose.”
  • “With Krishna in your heart, life is a journey of divine love.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings inspire us to live a life of service and love.”

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Best Quotes on Lord Krishna Short for Instagram

Best Quotes on Lord Krishna Short for Instagram
Best Quotes on Lord Krishna Short for Instagram
  • “Krishna’s love is the ultimate bliss.”
  • “In Krishna, find your eternal guide.”
  • “Where there is Krishna, there is joy.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom lights the path.”
  • “Embrace Krishna’s love and find peace.”
  • “Krishna’s presence is pure serenity.”
  • “Live with Krishna in your heart.”
  • “Krishna’s blessings are infinite.”
  • “With Krishna, all things are possible.”
  • “Krishna’s love is boundless.”
  • “Krishna’s grace is the greatest gift.”
  • “Find strength in Krishna’s teachings.”
  • “Krishna is the melody of life.”
  • “Surrender to Krishna’s divine love.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find true joy.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom is timeless.”
  • “Feel the peace of Krishna’s presence.”
  • “Krishna’s love heals all wounds.”
  • “Let Krishna’s flute guide your heart.”
  • “Krishna is the light in darkness.”
  • “Live each moment with Krishna’s grace.”
  • “Krishna’s love is eternal.”
  • “In Krishna’s arms, find solace.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings are life’s compass.”
  • “With Krishna, every moment is perfect.”
  • “Krishna’s blessings are endless.”
  • “Find your path with Krishna’s wisdom.”
  • “In Krishna’s presence, all is well.”
  • “Krishna is the essence of love.”
  • “Live in harmony with Krishna’s love.”
  • “Krishna’s love transforms the soul.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find your peace.”
  • “Krishna’s grace is always with you.”
  • “With Krishna, find your inner peace.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom guides the way.”
  • “Feel the love of Krishna within.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a divine treasure.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, life is beautiful.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings enlighten the soul.”
  • “Embrace the joy of Krishna’s love.”
  • “Krishna’s presence brings true peace.”
  • “Live in the light of Krishna’s love.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a boundless ocean.”
  • “With Krishna, find your true self.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the ultimate truth.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find divine joy.”
  • “Let Krishna’s love fill your heart.”
  • “Krishna’s blessings make life beautiful.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, discover eternal bliss.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom is a guiding light.”
  • “Feel the peace of Krishna’s presence.”
  • “Krishna’s love is a sweet melody.”
  • “With Krishna, every moment is a blessing.”
  • “Krishna’s love illuminates the soul.”

Best Quotes on Lord Krishna Short for Students

  • “In Krishna’s teachings, find your inspiration.”
  • “Let Krishna’s guidance lead you to success.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom fuels your ambition.”
  • “With Krishna’s blessings, achieve greatness.”
  • “Krishna’s love empowers your journey.”
  • “In Krishna’s presence, find true focus.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings inspire excellence.”
  • “Let Krishna’s light guide your studies.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom is the key to knowledge.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find motivation.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings are the ultimate guide.”
  • “With Krishna’s blessings, knowledge blossoms.”
  • “Krishna’s love makes learning joyful.”
  • “In Krishna’s wisdom, discover your potential.”
  • “Krishna’s guidance leads to success.”
  • “Let Krishna’s love inspire your efforts.”
  • “With Krishna’s love, conquer challenges.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom illuminates the mind.”
  • “In Krishna’s presence, find your purpose.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings encourage perseverance.”
  • “Let Krishna’s love inspire your dreams.”
  • “With Krishna’s guidance, achieve your goals.”
  • “Krishna’s love nurtures the mind.”
  • “In Krishna’s teachings, find your path.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom strengthens your resolve.”
  • “Let Krishna’s blessings lead to success.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom brings clarity to confusion.”
  • “In Krishna’s presence, find inner peace.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings are the steps to success.”
  • “Let Krishna’s love guide your studies.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom sharpens the intellect.”
  • “With Krishna, achieve your dreams.”
  • “Krishna’s blessings inspire hard work.”
  • “In Krishna’s teachings, find confidence.”
  • “Krishna’s love is the essence of true learning.”
  • “Let Krishna’s wisdom be your mentor.”
  • “Krishna’s guidance turns obstacles into opportunities.”
  • “With Krishna’s blessings, reach new heights.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom cultivates excellence.”
  • “In Krishna’s love, find your true calling.”
  • “Krishna’s teachings are the key to success.”
  • “Let Krishna’s light shine on your path.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom brings success in studies.”
  • “In Krishna’s presence, find dedication.”
  • “Krishna’s love motivates every learner.”
  • “With Krishna’s guidance, excel in everything.”
  • “Krishna’s blessings bring academic success.”
  • “In Krishna’s teachings, find your strength.”
  • “Krishna’s wisdom guides the mind and heart.”


In Conclusion By reading the Bhagavad Gita daily, a person gets a happy and wonderful life in addition to gaining knowledge. From the Bhagavad Gita, we get information about the duties and responsibilities of life. It controls your inner mind. Apart from this, by reading the Bhagavad Gita, a person gets the knowledge of spirituality. With the positive quotes of the Bhagavad Gita, we can make the lives of our society and the people living in it positive and complete. Its knowledge is not bound by any culture or time. To take your life in the right direction, you should start reading the Bhagavad Gita. Today we have discussed in detail about the quotes related to it.

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